Bespoke & Made to Measure 

  Custom Gate & Railings Design Service



  If within our standard ranges, we haven’t got the wrought iron style metal gate, timber gate or railing you want in the required width or height, we can make one to your specific size requirements. You can discuss your requirements with a member of our sales team who will guide you through the process of selecting the right gate, railing, posts and fittings, as well as advising on installation. You will receive a personal quotation and your gate will be supplied with our workmanship guarantee of 10 years for wrought iron style gates and 5 years for wooden gates. Please be aware our made to measure service will cost more than standard gates and require payment on order as well as a signature to acknowledge all information has been discussed and represented on your order, correctly.

If required, we can also manufacture gates to your own design & specification.
Call us on 01543 462500 for details of how to specify and order a gate to suit your requirements.

Important Product Information - please read before you order

  •  All wrought iron style gates and railings are supplied with a factory-standard black primed finish.  We can also supply them with a  hard-wearing painted finish. Please telephone for details.
  •  To ensure the maximum life from your gates, when supplied with a black primed finish, they must be treated with an exterior enamel paint before attaching any fittings or exposing to the elements. All fittings must also be painted.
  •  All free hinges are adjustable.
  •  All heights quoted allow 2” (5cm) ground clearance.
  •  Right or left-hand hanging referred to in the product description is as viewed from the roadside.