Post Metal 80mm (3") Sq x 2438mm (8ft) High, Hanging, Concrete In, 16mm Hinge Pin

Hanging Post
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Product Description


Metal post for the hanging side of a gate:

  • Size: 80mm (3") Sq x 2438mm (8') High

  • Style: Hanging, Concrete In

    Please note: If you have selected a pair of gates with differing heights at the side and the centre please use the side height as the basis for choosing the correct post. For example: If you have chosen the 6' (1.83m) Royal Talisman split arch pairs (side height 5' (1.52m)) the correct size post is the 5' (1.52m) high pairs rising to 6' (1.83m).

  1. Once you have found your gate height, you then need to decide whether your posts will need to be inserted below the ground or fixed above the ground with a wall fixing.
  2. If you are buying a pair of gates you will need 2 hanging posts. For a single gate you will need 1 hanging post and 1 latching post.

For further information please contact our Technical Sales Desk on 01543 462500.

Key to titles:

  • Hanging = Hanging Post

  • Latching = Latching Post

  • Wall Mounted = Above ground installation (wall fixing)

  • Concrete In = In ground installation